大阪府出身。天性のハスキーボイスと独自の表現力を持ち、2021 年に全曲作詞作曲の 1st アルバム『THE END』をリリースし、ソロ活動を本格始動。

22年、日本初上演となるブロードウェイミュージカル「ジャニス」では主演のジャニス・ジョプリン役を務め、23年10月には岩井俊二監督 映画『キリエのうた』で映画初主演を務め、劇中で自ら歌う詞と曲も書き下ろし、役名“Kyrie”名義にてアルバム『DEBUT』をリリース。
24年3月からはワンマンツアー“Grow The Sunset”を開催予定。

Born in Osaka, Aina the End has a natural husky voice and unique expressions. In 2021, she released her first album "THE END," featuring entirely self-written and composed songs, marking the beginning of her solo career. In June 2023, she left BiSH, and is currently active as a solo artist.

In 2022, she took on the lead role of Janis Joplin in the first-ever Japanese production of the Broadway musical "Janis." In October 2023, she made her film debut as the lead in the movie "Kirie no Uta," directed by Shunji Iwai. In the film, she not only performed as an actress but also wrote lyrics and composed songs, releasing an album titled "DEBUT" under the name "Kyrie."

In January 2024, she held their first solo live performance since leaving BiSH at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, with tickets selling out the day they went on sale. From March 2024, she embarked on a solo tour titled "Grow The Sunset," 
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